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Cambodia Neoprene Sheet

   we production all kinds of neoprene products and provide the neoprene sheet .If you are interested ,plz contact us




CR is a 100% neoprene product with a fine cell structure and mid-range modulus. CR's soft feel and drapability make it suitable for the sporting goods and water sports markets.


CS is a neoprene / SBR blend with a fine cell structure and good flexibitity. It provides an economical alternative for the sporting goods, water sports and novelty markets.


SBR is a 100% styrene butadiene rubber formulation that provides an economical grade choice for the novelty and some sporting goods markets.

CR 100% Neoprene Diving Wet Suit / Boots / Glovers
Fishing Wet Suit / Waders / Glovers
CS 30% Neoprene 70% SBR Surfing Wet suit / Life Jacket / Boots / Glovers
Water Skiing Suit Pants / Glovers / Boots / Life Jacket
SBR 100% SBR Swimming Belly Suit / Cap
Biking Ha t/ Suit / Pants / Seat Cover / Knee Pad / Wrist Supporter
Sport Protector Knee Pad / Ankle Brace / Elbow Strap
Atness Waist Wrap / Shaping / Slimming Trouser
Sport shoes Sport Shoes for Cycling / Bach Sandals / High Sports Shoes