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NEOPRENE is a synthetic rubber material designed to act flexibly, durably, and to resist breakdown by water. It is form fitting and resilient. Because air and water become isolated in its unique molecular structure, Neoprene is temperately stable. The many uses of Neoprene include: wet suits, waders, insulated can holders, sports gloves, mouse pads, pet collars, elbow and knee pads, orthopedic braces, tack gear.


We sell Neoprene by the foot (in 51" strips), in 51" x 130" sheets. We offer a wide variety of colors when purchasing Neoprene sheets. Also, you may choose any of the following types of backing for your sheets: black nylon, smooth plain neoprene, textured plain neoprene, U-loop (hook-and-loop style backing), UBL (unbreakable loop backing), or colored nylon or polyester. Volume discounts are available on purchases of 11 sheets or more (you can mix and match thickness, colors, and backing). Thickness ranges from 0.7 mm to 20 mm.

This sheet of Neoprene is high quality and is double lined with stretch nylon on both sides. This type of lining is sometimes known as double lined, Nylon II or Nylon/NylonPolyester/Polyester




CR is a 100% neoprene product with a fine cell structure and mid-range modulus. CR's soft feel and drapability make it suitable for the sporting goods and water sports markets.


CS is a neoprene / SBR blend with a fine cell structure and good flexibitity. It provides an economical alternative for the sporting goods, water sports and novelty markets.


SBR is a 100% styrene butadiene rubber formulation that provides an economical grade choice for the novelty and some sporting goods markets.

CR 100% Neoprene Diving Wet Suit / Boots / Glovers
Fishing Wet Suit / Waders / Glovers
CS 30% Neoprene 70% SBR Surfing Wet suit / Life Jacket / Boots / Glovers
Water Skiing Suit Pants / Glovers / Boots / Life Jacket
SBR 100% SBR Swimming Belly Suit / Cap
Biking Ha t/ Suit / Pants / Seat Cover / Knee Pad / Wrist Supporter
Sport Protector Knee Pad / Ankle Brace / Elbow Strap
Atness Waist Wrap / Shaping / Slimming Trouser
Sport shoes Sport Shoes for Cycling / Bach Sandals / High Sports Shoes