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SBR is a kind of synthetic rubber via foam treatment, if change the component, will cause different specification, like below:

CR series:  100%CR       Used for diving suits, surfing suits, etc.

SW series:  15%CR+85%SBR  Used for cooler, bags, and sports goods

SB series:  30%CR+70%SBR  Used for sports supporter and gloves

SC series:  50%+50%SBR    Used for fishing wader and boot

We can also make the neoprene with requirement.

Specification of neoprene

The unit of Neoprene is sheet, the size usually be 51*83" or 51*130". Black or Creamy color. The face skin can be treatment as shark skin or fine skin. And we can split the neoprene from 0.8mm ~ 20mm.

As we laminate the fabric on the neoprene, the sheet can be different color and different specification, every fabric can be laminate with neoprene. But usually be Nylon, Polyester, Lycra and terry.